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Agent Referral Program

Dinning-Beard Referral Services, Inc.

Are you a real estate agent planning to get out of the business? Are you an inactive agent looking for a place to send your referrals? If so, we are the company for you!

Dinning-Beard Referral Services, Inc. is a holding company for your real estate license. It allows you to keep your license with a broker so you can still make MONEY from your real estate referrals. If you are planning to get out of the business or are already out, and you know of people that plan to sell or buy real estate this is the perfect opportunity for you. You have the possibility of making hundreds of dollars a year just from the friends, family, and previous business you already know and have. Our company allows you to keep your real estate license active without paying National, State, or local board dues, and to legally earn money from your referrals!

How it all works: As a member of our company, you submit your real estate referrals to our referral coordinator. We then place your referral with an agent from Prudential Dinning-Beard, REALTORS®, or if outside the market area, another Prudential affiliate. We have teamed up with Prudential Real Estate to give you the best possible agent for your referral. You can even request a specific agent to handle your referral. Our referral coordinator then tracks the lead throughout the buying or selling process. Then when the transaction closes, we collect the referral fee due to our company and split the profits with you!

Advantages to You:

  • Keep your license active with no NAR, MAR, or local dues payable.
  • Earn commissions on your nationwide referrals.
  • You earn 70% of the 25% referral received by our company.
  • Free Continuing Education Course with Dinning-Beard Center for Career Development
  • Referral placement and updates.
  • Free broker advice on personal and immediate family transactions.
  • Free notary service.
  • Membership fee waived with closed transaction each year.
  • Larger referrals on personal transactions
  • Access to our office locations in Wichita!

Contact us at: careers@prudentialkansas.com or 316-440-2206